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About Things To Do In Phillip Island

One of the famous vacation destinations, you can find many fascinating things to do in Phillip Island, including exploring its extensive coasts and seaside villages, watching penguin parade and plentiful wildlife, world-class motorsport, and a variety of family-friendly attractions. There are many places to visit in Phillip Island, pack your picnic bag and surf suits to explore Woolamai, Cape, Smiths Beach, Cat Bay, and Summerland. Watching Penguin Parade is among the favourite things to do in Phillip Island, and you can see penguins coming to the shores and being in their natural habitat.

Getting close to Koalas in their natural habitat and learning about them is also one of the eco-tourist attractions and fun things to do in Phillip Island. If you are looking to go to a place where you want to indulge in natural beauty, then Nobbies Boardwalk should be on your things-to-do list. Another best thing to do in Phillip Island is to get on a cruise and immerse yourself in a fascinating journey. The guides on the cruise will take you to experience seal-watching. If you are lucky enough, you can also see penguins, dolphins, and whales during the trip.

You can also look up wine, and beer tours if you are travelling to try different cuisines. You can also visit the cheese factory, which is a fantastic thing to do as a cheese lover. There are many activities and attractions you will love to visit or do during your trip.

Things To Do In Phillip Island

With your Penguin Parade tickets you can explore so many things on Phillip Island, including watching penguins during sunset, enjoying pioneer Kayaking, exploring the beauty of Phillip Island through Helicopter tours, Go Karting, riding on a Super Cruzer E-bike, and much more.

Watch the Little Penguins Returning Home

One of the best things to do in Phillip Island, The Penguin Parade at Nature Parks, allows visitors to observe Little Penguins running over the sand to get home at sunset. After dusk, wander along boardwalks to watch, smell, and hear these penguins in the colony introducing themselves to neighbors, lovers, and their offspring. Visits to the Penguin Parade help to preserve the environment for animals. Visitors help Phillip Island Nature Parks with significant research, teaching, and conservation initiatives that guarantee the survival of Phillip Island's unique ecosystems for the benefit of both animals and humans.

Try Pioneer Kayaking

Pioneer Kayaking, one of the best things to do in Phillip Island, offers an opportunity to discover the pristine beauty of the coastline and rivers surrounding Phillip Island through their popular guided sea kayak trips. You will get a unique chance to enjoy the varied natural surroundings around Phillip Island's coastline thanks to the thoughtful selection of all the trip itineraries. There are four tour options: the Churchill Island Tour, the Rhyll Wetlands Tour, the Cape Woolamai Coastal Tour, and the one-hour "come and try" trips.

Phillip Island Helicopter Tour

With pricing that fits a range of budgets, Phillip Island Helicopters offers spectacular flights over Australia's most diverse coastline, which is one of the best things to do in Phillip Island. There are five flights to pick from (8 minutes to 25 minutes), all with breathtaking countryside views. With years of expertise, Phillip Island Helicopters can enhance the quality of your visit to the picturesque Island. Let Phillip Island Helicopters have the chance to show the true beauty of Phillip Island. Phillip Island Helicopters offers a fantastic once-in-a-lifetime adventure at a very reasonable price.

Go for Go Karts Phillip Island

The 750-meter replica Go Kart course is located alongside the 4.445-kilometre circuit overlooking Bass Straight and is the perfect go-karting venue. Tandem karts and individual lap times are one of the best things to do in Phillip Island. A triple Hot Lap ride around the Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit will have your heart racing. The show includes 25 Grand Prix bikes from two notable Italian brands, Aprilia and Cagiva. The Champions Cafe provides a fresh menu full of options. The gift shop offers many fashionable clothing, goods, and mementos.

Take a Seal Cruise

One of the fantastic things to do in Phillip Island, Seal Rocks, Westernport Bay, and Wilsons Promontory, Wildlife Coast Cruises, provides distinctive wildlife and scenery cruises. With extensive knowledge of the area's fauna, ecosystem, and history, your amiable captain and crew are here to make your visit unforgettable. You can pick from various trips. Whether you want to see mighty southern whales on their migration, go to Australia's most significant breeding colony of Fur Seals, unwind on a sunset cruise, or just take in the distinctive landscape these locations offer.

Explore Phillip Island Gallery

The Phillip Island Gallery Shop offers a wide variety of exquisite, handcrafted goods, including knitted baby booties, locally created souvenirs, wood-turned bowls, silk scarves, handcrafted purses, seahorse displays, handmade cards, sculptures, jewelry, and much more. Award-winning woodworkers, painters, photographers, and mixed-media artists have pieces on exhibit and for sale. Visit some of the Bass Coast's locals' most exquisite, inventive, and reasonably priced works of art and craft.

Discover Phillip Island on a Super Cruzer E-Bike

Come and have a unique, environmentally friendly Super Cruzer tour of the Island. You can explore Phillip Island's most stunning monuments and natural surroundings at your own leisure with the help of these durable electric bikes, which can be used on and off-road. You can select the beginning spot at your lodging, a point of interest, a cafe, or a bar. The time windows for their two daily sessions: are 9:00 am – 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm. This is amongst the heart-racing activities to do in Phillip Island.

Have Fun at Clip 'n Climb

Clip 'n Climb challenges will keep climbers of all levels engaged, from beginners to experts. An absolutely unusual location for adventurous groups or individuals that want to stay active and have a fun thing to do on Phillip island. There are also incredible Virtual Reality Experiences available in addition to the climbs. Clip 'n Climb can host birthday parties, school groups, sports teams, business events, staff parties, team building exercises, and social gatherings. Climb 10-meter challenges with beautiful, unique themes to help you soar to new heights.

Take a trip to Phillip Island Tenpin Bowling & Entertainment Center

The Phillip Island Tenpin Bowling and Entertainment Centre is amongst the best activities to do in Phillip Island if you want to make your vacation more enjoyable. All ages and skill levels will enjoy themselves at this family entertainment center. From one to one hundred, everyone will find something they love. The arena is wheelchair accessible and was thoughtfully built with people of all abilities in mind. Each participant wears a unique jacket or vest incorporating a laser pistol, with a maximum capacity of 10 individuals inside at once. You can play alone or with others in teams.

Things To Do In Phillip Island FAQs

When is the best time to watch penguins on Phillip Island?

Phillip Island has no time restrictions since these penguins stay there all year, no matter the weather or season. However, because the Penguin Parade is held outside, determining the best time to visit may help you escape the cold winds and thunderous rain.

What is the ideal time to visit Phillip Island?

From November through March, the warmest months are the finest for visiting Phillip Island. When the weather is good, you can fully take advantage of all that this stunning region of Australia has to offer.

What is unique about Phillip Island?

Penguin Parade, the home of the Little penguins, the tiniest penguins in the world, is the city's most well-known tourist destination. Phillip Island was designated Victoria's first National Surfing Reserve, offering several coastline hotspots to select from.

What can you do on Phillip Island for free?

Many of the experiences on Phillip Island are free, so you can still enjoy this fantastic Island without paying a fortune. This is one of their best features. Seal Watching at Newhaven, Rock Pool Rambling and Beach Combing, Bush Walking, Finding Chicory Kiln Architecture, Cape Woolamai, and The Nobbies are a few.

Why is Phillip Island Gallery so famous?

The Phillip Island Gallery Shop offers a wide variety of exquisite, handcrafted goods, including knitted baby booties, locally created souvenirs, wood-turned bowls, silk scarves, handcrafted purses, seahorse displays, handmade cards, sculptures, jewelry, and much more. Award-winning woodworkers, painters, photographers, and mixed-media artists have pieces on exhibit and for sale.


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